The United States Constitution provides that all citizens may bear arms. For our Brotherhood, our Chapters and Brothers must also recognize the potential dangers that can arise—even from unintended consequences—due to the presence of firearms or other weapons at a chapter house or chapter activity.

Therefore, the Risk Management Foundation and Sigma Chi Fraternity require that, at a minimum, chapters and house corporations follow the laws of the local jurisdictions, including campus, county, city, and state ordinances and regulations. In addition, RMF and Sigma Chi endorse the rights of house corporations to set more restrictive policies in local house corporation-owned chapter house facilities, including that the possession and/or use of firearms or explosive devices of any kind may be expressly forbidden when warranted.

The negligent use of firearms or other explosive devices, especially any such use that causes damage or injury, shall be treated as a violation of the risk management policy.

As always, chapter leaders must take time to plan and review every chapter event, which must include evaluating the risk and potential risk of any activity. Should there be any doubt about a particular activity or event, chapter leaders should contact the Risk Management Foundation and/or Sigma Chi Headquarters.

Adopted by the RMF Board of Directors, 18 November 2015

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