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No matter where you live—whether it’s in a chapter house, an apartment or a dormitory take a look around. How safe is your living environment? Are you putting yourself at risk for a fire? Are you preventing your brothers and your friends from quickly and safely evacuating your home in the event of a fire?

Use this checklist to assess the dangers that may already exist in your home-away-from-home that might put you at risk for an on-site fire. How many of the following fire hazards do you find in your college home? Click here to download!

Entrances & Exits

  •   Obstructed exit doors
  •   No crash bars
  •   Poor/no lighting
  •   Broken steps
  •   Unlit exit signs
  •   Broken door locks


  •   Uneven/loose/broken steps
  •   Low ceiling/overhang
  •   No self-closing door
  •   Worn/loose/missing step tread
  •   Broken/loose/missing hand rails
  •   Inadequate lighting

Sleeping Rooms

  •   Lack of smoke alarms and detectors
  •   Inoperative smoke alarms and detectors
  •   Obstructed exit doors
  •   Blocked heating panels/registers/vents
  •   No self-closing door
  •   Walking/tripping hazards
  •   Overloaded outlets (especially around electronic equipment)
  •   Presence of combustibles (e.g. candles, incense)
  •   Presence of hot plates
  •   Missing/loose door knobs
  •   Unstable/hazardous bunk beds


  •   No GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets
  •   Unsanitary conditions
  •   Missing/greasy exhaust hood
  •   Greasy/slippery floor
  •   Overloaded outlets
  •   Overdue/expired inspection certificate
  •   Unsecured shelving
  •   Inadequate wiring/electrical cords
  •   Bare/unprotected bulb in exhaust hood
  •   Missing/discharged/expired fire extinguishers
  •   Ungrounded kitchen appliances

Hallways & Corridors

  •   Inoperable/missing fire alarms
  •   Missing/discharged/expired fire extinguishers
  •   Missing/inoperable smoke detectors/alarms (battery or hard-wired)
  •   No posted evacuation map/emergency numbers/emergency procedures
  •   Unmarked/unlit exits
  •   Damaged, blocked and/or propped-open fire doors
  •   Obstructed fire alarms
  •   Uneven/loose floorboards/tiles
  •   Unsanitary conditions


  •   No GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets
  •   Boiler Room
  •   Cluttered storage
  •   Damaged pipe insulation
  •   Presence of combustibles/flammables
  •   Poor ventilation
  •   Overdue/expired boiler inspection
  •   No self-closing door
  •   No fire walls/doors

Utility Room

  •   Blocked electrical circuit panel
  •   Electrical hazards/overloaded outlets
  •   Ungrounded appliances
  •   Cluttered storage
  •   Missing circuit panel cover
  •   Unsecured shelves
  •   Defective/broken ladder
  •   Unlabeled circuit breakers
  •   Open flammable liquids


  •   Loose siding/shingles
  •   Ungrounded outlets
  •   Overgrown vegetation
  •   Uncontrolled roof access
  •   Broken window glass
  •   Inoperable windows
  •   Damaged fire escapes
  •   Uneven sidewalks/driveway
  •   Poor exterior lighting

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