The Sigma Chi Board of Grand Trustees

The Sigma Chi Board of Grand Trustees has faithfully served the Fraternity since its creation at the 1903 Grand Chapter in Detroit, MI. As senior, elected volunteer officers there are 18 Grand Trustees at any given time. Their role continually evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of volunteers and staff within the organization.

Most importantly, today the Grand Trustees serve as liaisons to any person, corporation, or association holding any interest in real property, for the purposes of benefiting our members. With years of professional experience and service to Sigma Chi -- in capacities ranging from real estate and accounting to business management and education -- the Grand Trustees offer a unique skill-set and are ready support Sigma Chi’s housing efforts.

The Grand Trustees also serve our active members, supporting effective operations and governance, and, as members of the Grand Council, can be called on to assist the Executive Committee and other staff members in areas related to their specific expertise. They proudly represent the International Fraternity at events such as chapter house dedications, chapter installations and alumni functions, promoting the interests of Sigma Chi before academic communities and the public-at-large.